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I'm Aeri, designer and maker behind Papercranes Design, based in sunny little Singapore. Trained as an architect, those years of architecture education has instilled in me a sense of design intuition and an eye for detail that I carry into every project I take on. Sketching and painting have always been my favourite creative outlets when the going gets tough, and Papercranes is thus a product of the quiet, therapeutic sessions I spend with my pen and paper.

Heavily inspired by nature, my works feature mainly natural scenery, creatures and botanical illustrations, and occasionally, lettering and calligraphy as well. Watercolour and ink are my favourite mediums, though I am also adept in digital and graphic design. Being an avid stationery enthusiast, Papercranes was born as a stationery and lifestyle brand when I was feeling uninspired by the designs available in the mass market, and started designing unique prints on various surfaces and products that I would personally enjoy.

Papercranes aims to be your one-stop destination for meaningful gifts to celebrate every occasion in life, whether you’re looking for something ready-to-purchase or custom-designed.

Knowing that I might be able to inspire or bring someone joy through my works is what motivates and keeps me going. Got a project you'd like to discuss? Head over this way!